City of Dallas COVID-19 Update: April 5

Dear Friend:

We are entering the third week of stay-at-home orders for Dallas. By staying at home, you are protecting your life and the lives of your family, your community, and the 1.4 million people who call Dallas home. 

During this time, the City of Dallas is working around the clock to ensure that residents have the resources they need and that the City is prepared for a possible surge in cases and hospitalizations.

That is why it is absolutely critical that you take social distancing seriously and encourage others to do so as well. Limiting contact with others is the best way to prevent the disease’s spread.

Below is our most recent daily update on COVID-19 case numbers, hospital reports, testing data, and other key information.

Positive Cases of COVID-19

  • 1,112 in Dallas County – 97 are new
  • 418 in Tarrant County
  • 304 in Denton County
  • 287 in Collin County
  • 32 in Ellis County
  • 11 in Rockwall County
  • 10 in Kaufman County

Hospital Reports

Below are the bed and ventilator capacity totals for Saturday, as reported by nineteen hospitals in the City of Dallas pursuant to the order I issued last week: 

  • Total beds: 5,148
  • Beds occupied: 2,671 (52%)
  • Total ICU beds: 772
  • ICU beds occupied: 462 (60%)
  • Total ventilators: 865
  • Ventilators in use: 302 (35%)

Lab Reports

As of 5:00 p.m., the City of Dallas Office of Emergency Management received reports from five COVID-19 testing labs. Below are the numbers for today, Sunday, April 5, 2020:

427 COVID-19 tests
72 positive
351 negative

Testing numbers from labs to date

Total tests to date by Dallas County Health and Human Services791
Total tests to date private labs*4,367
Total negative tests to date*4,155
Total active cases in Dallas County1,112
Total deaths18
Total recovered2

*Numbers since March 13, 2020, the date the order I issue requiring public and private labs in Dallas to report their COVID-19 tests went into effect

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Community-based COVID-19 Testing Sites

The numbers reported from the two community-based COVID-19 testing sites for April 4 are as follows:

American Airlines CenterEllis Davis Field House*
Total number of visitors:   230Total number of visitors:  75
Total tested: 193Total tested: 67

*The site at the Ellis Davis Field House closed early on April 4 due to high wind gusts and wet weather conditions.

311 COVID-19 Call and Service Report Data

Data SetValueNotes
New 311 COVID-19 Calls Received Today42 
Total 311 COVID-19 Calls Received to Date3,267Since March 13, 2020
New Emergency Regulations Service Reports Received Today (General)230 
Total Emergency Regulations Service Reports Received to Date (General)6,968Since March 17, 2020
New Emergency Regulations Service Reports Received Today (Parks only)7 
Total Emergency Regulations Service Reports Received to Date (Parks only)219Since March 20, 2020

Updates from Dallas County

  • Dallas County Jail has 24 confirmed COVID-19 cases, including two detention officers.
  • COVID-19 outbreaks at long term care facilities continue to increase.
  • Dallas County has contracted with a 3rd party provider to assess the provision of wrap around services for the FMS.
  • Today, Dallas County Health and Human Services (DCHHS) reported 97 additional positive cases of COVID-19, bringing the total case count in Dallas County to 1,112.
  • Of cases requiring hospitalization, about three-quarters (71%) have been either over 60 years of age or have had at least one known high-risk chronic health condition.
  • Diabetes has been an underlying high-risk health condition reported in over a quarter (28%) of all hospitalized patients with COVID-19.

City of Dallas Operations

  • The operational date of the Federal Medical Station (FMS) at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center (KBHCC) is yet to be determined.
  • The City continues to support the FMS and will work to keep and operate the FMS in Dallas for use as needed to address the possible COVID-19 patient surge.
  • The Office of Homeless Solutions (OHS) continues their operations of a temporary, overnight shelter at the (KBHCCD). Last night the shelter hosted 320 overnight guests.
  • OHS is also utilizing hotel rooms to house persons in need of quarantine or persons on the “priority housing” list. Last night 94 hotel rooms were utilized to house overnight guests.
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Food Assistance Needed

Dallas County and the North Texas Food Bank have announced they are launching a virtual food bank. This will help to fill in the gaps created by a lack of state and federal funding for food access. Donations instead of food are being encouraged and can be made by visiting www.DallasCountyCovid.org or http://ntfb.org/give. This link has more information on the program.

Dallas Resident Resource Guides

There are a number of resources available to residents and businesses impacted by the emergency regulations that have been put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19. The City of Dallas has created a Resident Resource Guide with information on:

  • Rental assistance;
  • Filing for unemployment;
  • Connecting displaced workers to jobs;
  • Food assistance;
  • Help paying utilities (note: most utility disconnections have been halted during this time);
  • Mental health resources;
  • Business loan information; and
  • Other key resources.

The guide is available in both English and Spanish

Childcare for Essential Workers

Frontline Child Care provides information on childcare options for Dallas’ frontline workers. The site was launched by Governor Greg Abbott and various state agencies to make sure those still working through this pandemic have access to childcare. Check out the site here.

Dallas Regional Chamber Resources

The Dallas Regional Chamber has set up a site for additional resources for residents and businesses, including information on various state and federal programs. Check out their resource guide here and their site to connect displaced workers to employment opportunities during the pandemic here.

If you have more questions about COVID-19, including what you should do if you believe you might have the virus, check out the City’s web page, www.DallasCityHall.com/coronavirus. Additionally, I frequently share COVID-19 updates as they happen on Twitter and Facebook

Please share this update. The official page to sign up to receive this newsletter and the other newsletters I send out is here

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay informed.

Best regards,

Eric Johnson
City of Dallas
(214) 670-3301

City of Dallas COVID-19 Update: April 5 1

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