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Givat Zeev Wedding Evokes Angry Responses Against Police Brutality, But Wedding Continues

Givat Zeev Wedding Evokes Angry Responses Against Police Brutality, But Wedding Continues 1
TThe show goes on: Givat Zeev wedding continues after police break in

GIVAT ZEEV (VINnews) — The wedding in Givat Zeev north of Jerusalem which was violently broken up earlier Wednesday evening could serve as a watershed event in relations between the Chareidi public and police. If until now there were some who vindicated police roughness against Chareidim due to continuous flagrant violations by members of the community and the extremely high infection rates of Chareidim, the spectre of a wedding taking place privately with only family present being disrupted with such violence and insensitivity has persuaded the entire community that the police have lost all respectability.

Police released their own version of events claiming that a policewoman had been attacked but there is little basis for this in the clip released. Guests at the wedding, which strictly maintained the regulations with 20 people outdoors and 10 indoors and all wearing masks, refused to be detained and to allow the joyous event to be disrupted. Instead of delivering a fine and leaving, police used excessive force and then claimed they had been attacked but there was no evidence that the policewoman had even been slightly injured as opposed to the father and brother of the bride who required significant treatment.

Mk Moshe Arbel (Shas) has called for an immediate internal investigation against the police involved and other public leaders also condemned police behavior.

MK Yaakov Litzman (UTJ) said that “I am shocked and amazed at the harsh scenes from the wedding which was ruined this evening as guests and hosts wept due to the brutal police violence. Although regulations must be kept there is no justification for the disgusting behavior of police at this place. They went beserk and used excessive force with no compassion and not even minimal consideration. Public Security minister Amir Ohana, if the trust of the public means something to you, appoint immediately an investigator for this tragic and gratuitous event. We cannot remain silent with such bloody and inhuman scenes and we cannot pass over this event.”

Shas leader Aryeh Deri, said that this was a “shocking event at the wedding in Givat Zeev. There is no reason in the world why police should break in with guns to a house and injure people. I will speak this evening to the prime minister and demand a thorough investigation of this serious event and the cessation of the harsh police violence.”

MK Yaakov Asher said that “whatever the violation was, nothing can justify such wild lashing out at a wedding which is a highly sensitive event. The police must understand this and the public security minister and police commanders must provide the public with clear answers.”

MK Uri Maklev said that “without being judgmental, there is no reason in the world that a wedding should end in this way there were numerous ways to enforce regulations. This is a police force with a violent culture and which doesn’t recognize any other language. Policemen are searching for ways to unleash violence. Only immediate prosecution without internal investigations can prevent a repeat of such events. This is not a minority of police but rather the same violent police advance their position in the force and establish this faulty culture at all levels.”

After police left, detaining the mother of the bride, the wedding continued in a public place with numerous local people streaming in to support the young couple:



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