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4 Out Of 7 Family Members of Student Test Positive, Entire Class Quarantined, But All Class Members, Including Rebbi, Test Negative. Here’s Why…

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NECHALIM, ISRAEL (VINNews) — A student at the Nechalim Yeshiva High School near Petach Tikva tested positive for coronavirus. 85 students were placed in isolation.

This would not be newsworthy, since the same thing happened in many Israeli schools recently. However after testing it became apparent that none of the other students or their teachers had tested positive to the virus, this despite the fact that 4 out of 7 members of his family tested positive after him.

The student’s teacher at the Yeshiva, Rabbi Ro’i Kornfeld, noted this fact and found a plausible explanation for it. He wrote a post and asked people to share it in order to help save other people from the virus:

“In our Yeshiva a coronavirus patient was discovered. One. But he placed 85 people in isolation…..myself included. A common story, unless it refers to you personally…

“All 85 of us tested for coronavirus. I waited nervously for the results. What can you do when you feel good but you know it doesn’t mean anything….it’s nerve-wracking. You hear that 4 out of 7 members of the student’s family are infected. So what are the chances that we/I are not infected?

“The results started to come in -negative, negative, more and more…what about me? Baruch Hashem, I also got a negative result. How did this happen? It’s very simple.

“This boy went the whole time, literally the whole time, with a mask. One of those strict types. He said that he just doesn’t want to get infected…

“Believe me he was very close to tons of people – there’s even pictures of him….but nobody was infected. So I learnt my lesson and decided to share it: Masks save lives.”

The rabbi explained that at home the boy had not worn his mask and therefore family members were infected (and may have infected him.) However due to his adherence to the mask during his studies, none of his friends were infected.



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