Yavneh Academy of Dallas

Yavneh Academy of Dallas offers an outstanding dual curriculum that combines the highest level of college preparatory courses with an unparalleled Judaic studies program. A community based school in a Modern Orthodox setting, the school’s unique mission goes beyond preparing students to excel in college and career – it prepares them to lead a life of integrity and honor. 

Yavneh’s exceptionally low student-teacher ratio allows each student’s curriculum to be tailored to maximize their individual strengths, and grants teachers unparalleled levels of interaction with each student.  This individualized approach to education has been key in the success of its students.  And with composite SAT and ACT scores that are markedly higher than the national norm, it is no surprise that Yavneh graduates have gone on to attend many of the premier universities in the nation.  Moreover, they have been offered over $8.3 million in merit scholarships to date.

However, academic success is only half of the story.  Yavneh students are distinguished by their leadership, civic responsibility and commitment to Israel.  With more than $100,000 raised annually for causes like Students Against Terrorism and each student typically accumulating over 250 hours of community service, Yavneh graduates go on to lead at their chosen universities and beyond.

Yavneh’s boys and girls work side-by-side in a nurturing environment with the goal of developing future community leaders in college and beyond. From classes to activities, Yavneh students learn the skills they need to build a bright future.

Established in 1993, Yavneh has been instrumental in keeping the Dallas Jewish community vibrant.  Its commitment to serve the entire community, regardless of affiliation, has helped bring synagogue congregations together.  Also, the school makes every possible effort to afford its superior education to all, so no Jewish student is denied a Yavneh experience for financial reasons.

Yavneh Academy of Dallas 
12324 Merit Drive, Dallas, TX  75251
(214) 295-3500, info@yavnehdallas.org

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