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CCHF Shalom Challenge Day 17: Ma, Are You Alone?

CCHF Shalom Challenge Day 17: Ma, Are You Alone? 1
Today’s challenge: Make that call
Pick up the phone now, and make shalom with the person it’s impossible to make shalom with. And watch miracles happen.
As we come to the close of the Shalom Challenge this week, I believe we all get how important and vital shalom is.

But there’s still a gigantic challenge for those of us who have been hurt by someone in the deepest way.How can we forgive them? How can we make shalom?They caused us so much pain. Sometimes, irreparable harm.
“So, yeah, Shalom is fantastic and I heard many stories of people who forgave and felt like they were released from a prison of hurt and anxiety. But at the end of the day, I can’t forgive them.
Believe me, I get it.
It’s just impossible.
Or is it?

Important note: Obviously, there are some cases that need an extra level of advice on whether and how to reconnect.

There are two intensely powerful reasons to forgive (besides that you’ll be the beneficiary of incredible Menuchas Hanefesh — tranquility).
Reason #1:
The Torah says:Kol Hama’avir al Midosov — someone who forgives someone who wronged himMa’avirin lo al kol p’sha’av — in Heaven they forgive him for his sins.Forgiveness for sins equals a radiant Olam Habah that lasts forever.

> I do something painful. Very painful. Like forgiving someone who really hurt me.

< Then that forgiveness wipes away my sins that I did (and would otherwise have had to deal with their negative consequences forever.)

That sounds like an amazing deal to me.
Reason #2: 
And here’s a second reason. When I forgive someone, I can do it as a z’chus for a loved one.

For them to have a child, a shidduch or a refuah.
There were two sisters who were very close and unfortunately, they got into a big machlokes. 

One of the sisters in particular was very impacted by it and one day she was driving her car and was so upset thinking about the rift between her and her sister that she pulled over to the side of the road and broke down crying. 
Then she said to Hashem: “You know how difficult it is for me to be the one to say I’m sorry. But I’d do it if it would just be a z’chus for my son who doesn’t have children to merit having a child.”
And with that she picked up her phone and made up with her sister.
A little over a month later her son called her and said “Ma, are you alone? I have to tell you something…” and she was stunned to hear that his wife was expecting.
A few  hours later, her second son called her — on the very same day — and said, “Ma, are you alone? I have something to tell you.”
You’re participating in the Shalom Challenge, and YOU KNOW: 
“Shalom is the vessel that holds brocha.” 
If you want brocha in your life, put shalom in your life.


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