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Yeshiva Torasi Umnasi – A Yeshiva for Bochurim Who Couldn’t Return to E”Y

Watch Rav Elya Ber Wachtfogel, Rav Asher Arielli and Rav Don Blumberg give words of chizuk!

Due to the current matzav, hundreds of bochurim who usually spend the better part of the year learning in Eretz Yisrael are stuck on this side of the Atlantic, unable to learn in their respective yeshivos. In a classic show of chazu banei, many of these bochurim have struggled to learn despite the hardship of not being in their normal environment. Phone conferences, hotlines, distance learning are suddenly de rigueur.

In response to the growing demand for a semi-return to normal, Rabbi Mattis Rokach and Rabbi Moshe Friedman from Yeshivas Ohel Yaakov in Monsey set out to search for a safe, legal, and workable option. With much siyata dishmaya a locale in Pennsylvania was found that satisfies all of the above.

After discussion with health officials and doctors, Yeshivas Torasi Umnasi was officially founded. Over 200 bochurim, who would’ve been in Eretz Yisrael, imbibing the heilige avirah d’Eretz Yisrael, are learning in a beis medrash together where the vibrant kol Torah rings out once again. The atmosphere is unbelievable; watching these bochurim from all different yeshivos learning together k’ish echad, is truly heartwarming.

As the word spreads, the demand increases. Many more bochurim would like to join, and we are looking to expand to allow for even more of them to take part in this phenomenon.

With the prohibitive costs of maintaining the yeshiva and the limited funds we have, we turn to you to help us strengthen the kol Torah, and help even more bochurim achieve their dream of sitting and learning the heilige Torah.



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