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In just one hour: IDF Company completes Talmud tractate of Megilla

Orchestrated by Tzalash, 120 soldiers and commanders from the Netzach Yehuda Battalion completed Talmud tractate of Megilla in just an hour.

This Wednesday, Tzalash, an organization dedicated to bringing Torah to IDF soldiers, together with the IDF Rabbinate and Netzach Yehuda Battalion, arranged a special siyyum (completion ceremony) for tractate Megilla for 120 of the unit’s soldiers and commanders.

As part of their training, the soldiers were taking part in educational programming at The Armoured Corps Museum in Latrun when they set aside time to learn the in pairs.

Each of the 60 study-pairs was given one page, dividing the tractate cleanly to be finished within an hour.

Rabbi Peretz Einhorn, Director of Tzalash, led the group, which was divided into capsules, in saying the “Hadran Alach” prayer upon the conclusion of the tractate before they broke out in singing and dancing. “Happy is the nation who is this fortunate. Happy is the nation who has commanders and soldiers like these,” said Rabbi Einhorn.

Among those who were instrumental was Rabbi Naftali Ferrari, rabbi of the Kfir Brigade’s training base who helped coordinate the learning and relayed a message from one of the participants. “We should merit that our siyum masechet should bring a speedy end to our masks (masechot),” he said, playing on the similarity of the Hebrew words.

Rabbi Asher Bar-Chaim of the Netzach Yehuda Organization said, “It was great learning. We are all about these kinds of events which magnify Torah.”

“Baruch Hashem we have been able to arrange and celebrate thousands of siyummim. There is no better way to prepare for Chanukah because our soldiers are truly a continuation of the holy Maccabim and Chashmonaim,” said Rabbi Peretz Einhorn.



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