Bubbe & Zaide Power

Bubbe & Zaide Power 1

Good Morning Everybody!

Imagine 47 Jews trying to camp together in the dessert. Not “outdoorsy” Jews. (Oxymoron.) Just regular Jews. And just to make it really crazy, imagine it’s not 47 Jews, it’s 47 families! With 8 kids each! All those screaming kids and crying babies… It would seem this campout would last about as long as it takes to say, “What do you mean there are no bathrooms!? Back in the van, people!”

All right, so now we’ve got a little picture of what it was like at Mt. Sinai. Except it’s not hundreds of Jews camping out. It’s millions!

Around 4 million Jews camping out in tents, next to a mountain, in the desert, surrounded by millions of livestock. Their collective water supply came from a miraculous rock. (Not a miraculous spring. A rock.

As in…a rock.) And all they had was a one-day supply of food. Until the next day, when food would basically just appear out of thin air.

It was not the perfect setting for serenity and peace.

It was the perfect setting for mayhem, strife and/or hysteria.

But they pulled it off. They were unified! No bickering, no strife, no one throwing a tantrum and driving off in a big white van.

And the cool thing is, we’re related to those people! Those amazing peacemakers are our great, great, great, great…great grandparents.

And if they were alive today, can’t you imagine how much they’d be rooting for us? Great, great, grand Bubbe and grand Zaide would be our biggest fans! Can’t you just hear them: “You’ve got to unify around a common goal: unify around G-d. Unify around the Torah. And then you’ll be a unified people!”

Let’s follow in their holy footsteps. Shavuos, is right around the corner. So let’s rally around the exciting possibilities of nationwide shalom! We’re getting there. We’re doing it. Our ancestors showed us the way. Now, it’s our turn.

Have a shalom-filled, joyful day everybody!


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Uniting the Dallas Orthodox Jewish Community

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Uniting the Dallas Orthodox Jewish Community

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