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AKO Mashgiach Course

Note: If you intend to work as a Mashgiach for a kosher supervising agency and would like to receive a Mashgiach ID Card, please contact the supervising agency BEFORE signing up for this course. 

AKO Mashgiach Training and Certification Program – Dallas Kosher Edition

Dallas Kosher Mashgichim – Please use coupon code for free access. You may obtain a coupon code by contacting your administrator.

Kosher Empowered! – Home Edition

A comprehensive kosher course designed for the home-kitchen environment which will empower you with confidence in the kosher kitchen!

Produce Inspection Mini-Course

The Produce Inspection mini-course covers the primary components of home produce inspection. While there is no substitute for hands-on training, this course will provide you with a fundamental understanding of produce inspection requirements and a demonstration of the Micro-Cloth Method, the primary insect inspection system worldwide. 

Kosher as a Career

A Kosher Fundamentals Course for Personnel Working in a Kosher Kitchen Environment.
Bulk Licenses Available with Discounted Pricing. Please Click Here to Contact Us for More Details.

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