Gemachs 1

Posted 1 year ago by Rachel Leah

By Appointment Only.

 Wedding (Kallah Gowns) /  Dallas / 476 views

Gemachs 2

Posted 1 year ago by Alan Wainstein

Alan Wainstein: Owner The Magic Music Charitable Foundation (MMCF) / offers FREE Music Instruments (including Pianos of all sizes) to Music Students, Music Teachers, Schools,...

 Musical Instruments /  Dallas / 424 views

Gemachs 3

Posted 1 year ago by Miriam Banarer

Maternity clothes of all types and sizes

 Maternity /  Dallas / 266 views

Gemachs 4

Posted 2 years ago by Carole Wolanow

The Gemach is in it's 10th year of service  to the community. We have standard  wheelchairs, companion wheelchairs, potty seats, shower chairs, walkers, canes and...

 Medical /  Dallas / 338 views

Gemachs 5

Sheitel Gemach


Posted 1 year ago by Yaakov Rich, Editor

All styles. By appointment only.

 Sheitels /  Dallas / 425 views

Gemachs 6

Posted 1 month ago by Yaakov Rich, Editor

Uniform Gemach Location: 3801 Grifbrick Dr, Plano, TX 75075 Contact: Staci Kimmel at

 TDSD Uniforms /  Plano / 11 views

Gemachs 7

Uniting the Dallas Orthodox Jewish Community

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