Gotta Love Those Cracks

Gotta Love Those Cracks 1

Good Morning Everybody!

When a crack, so to speak, develops in one of our relationships, the natural tendency is to pull back. We distance ourselves from the other person, because something like anger, jealousy, or bitterness has come between us. 

So what do we do? How do we fix those cracks?

Well, maybe an innocent, little observation about the Kotel (the Western Wall) can offer us some guidance. 

We all know that thousands and thousands of Jews pour their hearts out to Hashem at the Kotel every year. Many of whom leave written notes there. Notes written by people pleading with Hashem, and/or thanking Hashem from the bottom of their hearts. These are basically love letters written to Hashem! And where are they placed?…

In the cracks of the Wall!

Maybe it’s the same with us. To mend the cracks in our relationships, we need to fill them with love. So what if we tried to focus on what we like, respect or love about the other person we’re struggling with. Think of all the things we can feel grateful to the other person for. Focus on his or her positive qualities. And then, to the best of our ability, speak to the person with an open heart and all the sincerity in the world. Like our tradition teaches, “Words from the heart, enter the heart.”

Then, G-d willing, just like the cracks in the Kotel disappear when they’re overflowing with all those notes, the cracks in our relationships will disappear as well.

May all our days be “filled up” with an abundance of love and shalom!

Have a fulfilling day everybody!


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