Ivan D. Kaufman, LCSW, MMT


Ivan D. Kaufman, LCSW, MMT 1

Ivan D. Kaufman, LCSW, MMT
Child and Adult Psychotherapy
Secure video and phone sessions, confidential


Child Behavior Center Of Frisco
8380 Warren Parkway
Suite 604
Frisco, Texas 75034
(972) 905-3767

Offers video and phone sessions

Dealing with adjustment to the challenges of Covid-19? Help is here.

Many are suffering the anxiety-producing effects of the current virus outbreak. Chronic anxiety, isolation, depression, coping with the future. Parenting, home schooling, keeping children emotionally safe and occupied for the summer. At this time of local and national stress, there is help!

There are ways to safely practice self care and manage emotions so they don’t become overwhelming. How we think leads to how we feel emotionally, and our emotions then lead to the actions we take.

Our Jewish heritage teaches us to not only listen and trust, but also to take action. To “do.” We can take actions to guide our own sense of calm and healing, of coping and feeling in control, despite external challenges. Help is available.

If you need help with these areas of your life, please call and we will work together to find more peace.

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