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Our Mission

Jewish Learning Center is dedicated to bringing the beauty, warmth, and joy of Jewish learning to Jewish people of all backgrounds and affiliations.

Being anchored in Far North Dallas allows us amazing possibilities to share the rich Jewish experience with our neighbors, our friends, and their friends. The ripple effect of the dynamic is incredible.

Meet our Rabbi and Rebbetzin

Rabbi Shlomo and Hudy Abrams, a dynamic young dynamic couple moved from Jerusalem to Dallas in November 2005 full of excitement and motivation.

Rabbi Abrams was raised in a home that was always open to Jews of all backgrounds. His mother was an NCSY leader and his father was a rabbi and principal involved in Jewish education for youth. In 2002, Rabbi Abrams married Hudy Abraham, who joined him in Jerusalem where they trained for three years together under Rabbi Berkovitz, head of the Jerusalem Kollel. This unique program is designed to train rabbinic students to become leaders and develop Jewish communities. He received Smicha (rabbinic ordination) from Rabbi Berkovitz in 2004. Hudy also attended classes taught by Rebbitzin Dina Weinberg, the wife of Aish Ha-Torah founder Rabbi Noah Weinberg on leadership, parenting, marriage counseling and life coaching. While in Yeshiva in Israel, Rabbi Abrams knew that he wanted to create a warm Torah atmosphere in a place where there were many Jews.

Rabbi Shlomo and Hudy Abrams have a passion to continue building a beautiful Jewish community in Far North Dallas. They help individuals explore their unique potential through workshops and exercises in how the Torah guides a person toward expressing their unique self and soul. 

Rabbi Shlomo Abrams

Jewish Learning Center of Dallas
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