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2020 Year-In-Review

The Birth of DOJLife.com

Near the beginning of 2020, at a meeting of the city’s Orthodox rabbis, the DATA Rosh HaKollel, Rabbi Yerachmiel Fried suggested the idea of a community website. The website would feature Shuls, Schools, Shiurim, Davening Times, Programming, Simchas, and Businesses – everything an Orthodox Jew would want to know about Dallas.

Rabbi Yaakov Rich returned home after the meeting, and DOJLife (Dallas Orthodox Jewish Life) was born. Advertising revenue goes to Congregation Toras Chaim to pay for the site, and Rabbi Rich donates his time and expertise, often creating the very reasonably priced ads for free.

The website is updated almost daily, with emails sent to subscribers approximately three times per week. We appreciate and thank you, the readers, the advertisers, and the organizations that help to create the beautiful tapestry that is Dallas Orthodox Jewish Life. Your feedback is welcome.

Gone, But Not Forgotten.
Those Who Passed this Year

2020 Year-In-Review 1

Those Who Had Reason to Celebrate

2020 Year-In-Review 2

Who Said, Wrote & Did What in
Our Dallas Orthodox Jewish Community

2020 Year-In-Review 3

Chaya Nessa Krycer:
Collected Short “Stories”

2020 Year-In-Review 4

From Vaccine to Hygiene
and Everything in Between

2020 Year-In-Review 5

Israel and the Jewish World

2020 Year-In-Review 6

Anti-Semitism is Alive & Well

2020 Year-In-Review 7

#ShopJewishDallas – Bring Business Back

2020 Year-In-Review 8
2020 Year-In-Review 9


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