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22-Year-Old Girl Dies After Eating Dairy Ice Cream At Kosher Meat Restaurant In Rosh Pina

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JERUSALEM (VINnews) — A 22-year-old girl was declared dead at the Sieff hospital in Tzfat after she ate a dairy dessert at a meat restaurant in Rosh Pina. The girl, Osher Deri from nearby Hatzor Haglilit, who suffered from a severe allergy to dairy products, had specifically gone to a kosher meat restaurant in order to avoid eating any dairy foods, but the dessert provided by the restaurant was dairy, and this led to a deterioration in her situation until she passed away. Police opened an investigation of the unusual incident and closed the restaurant until further notice.

Five members of the restaurant staff were arrested on suspicion of causing death by negligence. Police suspect that the 19-year-old chef after receiving a request by the girl and her friend for ice cream sent a worker to purchase ice cream in a local store because the restaurant did not have any in stock. The worker may have inadvertently purchased a dairy ice cream in the store.

Deri’s mother told Kan news that her daughter had called her panicking and said: “Mummy I ate dairy whipped cream and I can’t breathe.”



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