A MUST LISTEN: Dr Shmuel Mandelman Addresses Situation That Children And Teachers Are Currently In

A MUST LISTEN: Dr Shmuel Mandelman Addresses Situation That Children And Teachers Are Currently In 1

In a timely and important message, Dr. Shmuel Mandelman, speaks directly to every parent regarding the current situation and its impact on the academic experience and psychological well being of students. His timely message is also directed towards every person in Chinuch: Menahlim, principals, Rabbeiyim, teachers etc.

The message is a must listen for every parent who is trying to cope with the educational needs of their children, while under the COVID lockdown.

Dr. Shmuel D. Mandelman holds a doctorate from Columbia University in educational and developmental psychology. He also spent five years conducting research at Yale University’s Child Study Center into the individual differences in cognitive ability. Afterwards, he went on to pursue a specialty in clinical neuropsychology and did his clinical training at Weill Cornell Medical Center, where he conducted evaluations on both adults and children. He currently maintains a private consulting and evaluation practice in Brooklyn, New York. He is a widely sought after educational consultant and lecturer.

As a product of the Yeshiva system, who is also Ivy League educated and trained, Dr. Mandelman embodies a rare combination that enables him to evaluate a child’s abilities in all subjects and conduct evaluations in Yiddish when required. He enjoys close relationships with leading Yeshiva deans and principals, and is able to draw from his background in educational psychology and child development, to fully understand complex cognitive and behavioral profiles and devise implementable recommendations to schools.

He received Semicha from the Posek Hador, Hagaon HaRav David Feinstein, Shlit”a, and is a talmid muvhak of Hagaon HaRav Elya Brudny, Shlit”a.

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