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A Winter 2021 Purim Grammen for Dallas, Texas

A Winter 2021 Purim Grammen for Dallas, Texas 1

by Tami Ellis

Adar is a month to increase joy and cheer
So far it has been interesting here
Covid cases are still very high
And a snow and ice storm that could bring a tear to your eye

Power outages put people in the dark
Hashem tested many a heart
Temperatures with the wind were below zero
Hashem sent many, many a hero

Pipes bursting caused flooding in shuls and homes
Why all of this, Hashem only knows
What happened next could give us a clue
How to feel the joy instead of feeling blue

Kosher Palate, a local food establishment
Provided hot meals for those without power not charging a cent
A few locations served the meals where families could be warm and sit
Such chessed left all with gratitude that won’t quit

Bikur Cholim of Lakewood from across the country
Drove through the night to help the cold and hungry
1000+ meals for Shabbos were provided to the community
What better way to show Jewish unity

Chaverim of Dallas came a running
When burst pipes started flooding
Helping people start their cars, dig out of snow
Checking on the elderly to just say hello

A test was provided and we showed Hashem what we can do
Bring joy to others when troubles brew
Give a helping hand when others are in need
We understand these things Hashem decreed

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He may feel hidden and we don’t understand the whys
He is sending us messages to open our eyes
He wants our prayers and for us to join together
Make the world a place that is much better

Show the world how to care for each other
Mother, father, sister, brother
This storm was a week for the history book
But for the Jews of Dallas another opportunity we took

We showed Hashem we can come together
To show just how much we care, in spite of the weather
Support came from near and far
Showing what a wonderful nation we are

In the Purim story Hashem seemed hidden
We came together, all the Yidden
Fasted and prayed, did what was needed
He heard our prayers when we pleaded

Hashem provided His salvation
To our very threatened nation
This past week we all pulled together
Let’s pray this momentum stays strong forever

Thank you to all those who helped this past week
It is a reflection of our true hearts not just a sneak peek.
Hope everyone stays safe and warm
And recovers quickly from the storm
I wish one and all a Frelichen Purim day
Filled with love, kindness and joy as we pray
Let Hashem hear the trust that in your heart is deep
Then from His brachos will surely reap

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A Winter 2021 Purim Grammen for Dallas, Texas 2

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