Access Business Halacha Like Never Before!

Access Business Halacha Like Never Before! 1


The Bais HaVaad’s new initiative is bringing Business Halacha into the workday

A revolutionary program launched at the beginning of Elul, the Yorucha learning program created a medium for balebatim to get a solid understanding of prevalent business-related halachos from the foremost experts in the field.

Yorucha is a two-year business halacha curriculum developed by that covers primarily Choshen Mishpat as well as other ancillary halachos pertinent to business. Participants spend about one hour weekly on the multi-faceted program, which can be done as a shorter daily segment or as a longer once-weekly seder.

The daily program consists of:

● A set of carefully curated maareh mekomos covering the full sugya from that week’s material.

● An accompanying 15-minute daily audio shiur delivered by a dayan from the Bais HaVaad, who serves as a chavrusa of sorts, reviewing the Maareh Mekomos and connecting them into a cohesive sugya.

● Weekly overview/ halacha l’maaseh video shiur- At the culmination of each week’s learning, an overview/ halacha l’maaseh shiur is presented, where the concepts internalized through the week come to life in real-life workplace scenarios.

● Weekly reviews and tests are also available, which help participants achieve a lasting grasp on the material. In addition, individuals participating in the program can receive accreditation upon completion.

● Business Halacha Daily Practical Videos – Daily 3-5 minute videos that are in sync the topics of the Yorucha Curriculum, and go through practical questions and answers on the subject at hand.

The core curriculum is segmented in modules, each one covering another aspect of business halacha. Topics covered include e-commerce on Shabbos, hiring, employment agreements and salary structures, hasogas gevul and competition, mekach ta’os, tzedaka and maaser, yichud in the workplace, ribbis, lashon hara in business, firing and severance, bankruptcy, harsha’a and power of attorney, zoning laws, rent control and evictions, healthcare, credit unions, purchasing tax liens, and tens of other topics. Additional info on the topics can be found at

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The program was set up to be utilized by individuals or by communities, and there are options for businesses to take part as well.

There are three ways to join the program:

1. Individuals can join the program by signing up and gaining access to all the resources the Yorucha program offers. They will be able to tap into the program and follow the curriculum at their own location, whether by themselves or with a chavrusa, and they will have access to all the physical or digital resources via webemail, and WhatsApp. By taking advantage of the daily shiurim and Maareh Mekomos, and by participating in the weekly overview, they will garner an understanding and a grasp on the concepts that come up so often at work. Hundreds have already joined, and more are joining daily. Join now.

2. Many communities have also joined the program, aiming to cultivate a Yorucha chabura within their shul, banding together to embrace the program on a higher level. To see the full list click here.  Multiple chaburos have already formed across the country, including Brooklyn, Lakewood, Monsey, Five Towns, Los Angeles, Miami, Queens, Great Neck, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Far Rockaway, Detroit, Hollywood, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Scranton, Belle Harbor, West Hempstead, Waterbury, and Valley Stream. Contact us to join or create one today.

3. Businesses – Owners and employees alike seeking to gain more halachic proficiency in their daily business interactions can join the Yorucha program in a variety of ways. Contact us to learn more.

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For those whose schedules simply won’t allow for the full program, our Business Halacha Daily program can be an ideal alternative. The program supplies three- to five- minute daily video clips sharing pertinent business halachos. This has already met with tremendous success; thousands of people receive the videos daily. These videos are directly in sync with the Yorucha program; the topics covered coincide with the topics from the Yorucha curriculum, enabling those learning Yorucha to receive this extra daily tidbit as well.

Participants can also connect with Bais HaVaad dayanim and poskim for any questions they may have. An interactive shiur, via Zoom, will take place each week, and participants will be able to ask dayanim questions that pertain to the weekly learning.

The Yorucha program is a game-changer for business owners as well as employees. It changes a person, allowing one to live life in accordance with halacha, and educating one to know what to do when a shailah arises. The basic program is completely free of charge, with a number of donors stepping up to shoulder the financial burden of covering the seed money for the program’s initial launch.

Novel, crucial and long overdue, Yorucha has the potential to change the trajectory of limud choshen mishpat and what it means to be a frum jew in the workplace for this and upcoming generations.

For more information about the program or to sign up, visit

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Access Business Halacha Like Never Before! 2

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