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CCHF Shalom Challenge Day 10: You’re Important. “Uh, am I?”

CCHF Shalom Challenge Day 10: You're Important. "Uh, am I?" 1
Today’s challenge: I have TREMENDOUS value
Just think about this:
Hashem created you. And He never, ever makes mistakes.
So many fights start with anger. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could know what triggers anger?

🗵 Not just the surface things — he did this, she did that, how COULD they, now I’m angry.
☑ But the deep thing — the real reason we get angry 

I hate to say it…

….but anger comes from our ego saying “I’m not getting what I want”.

😡 Maybe respect.
😡 Maybe things I need NOW.

The key word here?

>>> As in “I’m really important.”
What does that ⬆⬆⬆ sound like?
> ga’avah: haughtiness/egotism <
There is a direct correlation between the level of egotism a person has and the level of machlokes (fights) that they have in their life.

But what really is egotism? 

Here’s something I heard that is so incredibly profound.

Ga’avah (or egotism) is MAKE-BELIEVE SELF-ESTEEM.
And so when my ga’avah (A.K.A my make-believe self esteem) is challenged… I get angry.

👉 Because I need people to agree with me
👉 I need people to treat me with respect.

But when we have REAL self respect…

… then we don’t need other people to give us esteem. We don’t even need people to agree with us.

What’s real self esteem?

🤗 It’s knowing that I’m loved by Hashem, the Master of the Universe.
🤗 He created me for a purpose.
🤗 He loves me.
🤗 He values me no matter what I —or anyone— thinks of me.

Self esteem is knowing our value and importance so much, so deeply, that we don’t need anyone else to prove it to us.

Think about the fact that Hashem, who is absolutely and completely  perfect… He (!) created ME!!!

It even says Bishvili nivra ha’olam (Sanhedrin 37:1): He created the entire world just for me to play my role. That means I really play an important part in Hashem’s world. 

Most people don’t really value themselves, some even hold they have very little value.
That’s the yetzer hora talking.
To Hashem each of us has tremendous value (as we just proved).

💥 He’s perfect.
💥 And He created me. 

When we really focus on these two points ⬆⬆⬆, we’ll finally start appreciating ourselves. Even if we aren’t (yet) our ideal selves.


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