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Do You Pledge Not To Travel To Israel, Nyc Democratic Socialists Chapter Asks City Council Candidates Seeking Its Endorsement

Do You Pledge Not To Travel To Israel, Nyc Democratic Socialists Chapter Asks City Council Candidates Seeking Its Endorsement 1
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – MAY 01: Members of the Democratic Socialists of America gather outside of a Trump owned building on May Day on May 01, 2019 in New York City. Around the country and the world people are marching and demonstrating for better working conditions, higher salaries, maternity leave, minimum wage and other quality of life demands on the traditional day for labor solidarity. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

NEW YORK (JTA) – Lots of candidates for New York City Council are expected to seek an endorsement from the local Democratic Socialists of America chapter, a rising force in city politics, in next year’s elections.

To apply for the endorsement, the candidates will have to decide if they will pledge not to travel to Israel if elected.

According to a screenshot of a candidate questionnaire from the DSA posted to Twitter by local reporter Zach Fink, candidates are being asked to “pledge not to travel to Israel if elected to City Council in solidarity with Palestinians living under occupation.” (The party did not immediately confirm that it had distributed the survey.)

The group also asks candidates if they support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, which is part of the New York City DSA chapter’s platform.

Some candidates declared their answers already on Twitter. “Easy: 1. No. 2. No,” Eric Dinowitz, a teacher (and son of a state Assemblyman) who is running for City Council in the Bronx, posted late Thursday.

The questionnaire comes after pro-BDS activists were vindicated this month when Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, who have voiced support for the BDS movement, both won their Democratic primaries. Both represent overwhelmingly Democratic districts where they are likely to be reelected to Congress. A third congressional candidate who has indicated support for the BDS movement, Cori Bush in Missouri, also defeated a longtime incumbent in her primary.

With 35 out of 51 city council seats up for election this year due to term limits as well as open elections for citywide offices like mayor and comptroller, citywide elections in New York City next year present a rare opportunity to reshape most of New York City’s government.

The DSA is considered to be a rising force in New York City after helping Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeat incumbent Joe Crowley in 2018. In this year’s Democratic primary, DSA member Jamaal Bowman defeated Eliot Engel, a longtime incumbent and champion of Israel. Far from pledging to boycott Israel, Bowman has indicated his backing, last week telling City & State, “I am in full support of Israel.”

Nationally, the political party formally endorsed the BDS movement in 2017. It is now in the process of negotiating a unified platform to be adopted next year. Local candidates in Boston this year were asked whether they would support the BDS movement “publicly, privately, and under pressure from opposition” but not whether they would personally pledge not to travel to Israel.



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Gerald Vaiser
Gerald Vaiser
5 months ago

Source please. In the 60’s , Bernie Sanders volunteered for a summer at a Hashomer Hatzair kibbutz. Also, at one time , Shimon Peres, head of the Labor Party, was head of the Socialist International for a year. The Socialist International is a worldwide organization of Democratic Socialist parties. The DSA is a member of the group. In my opinion Democratic Socialism is the same as Social Democracy, a la Scandinavia and a lot of Western Europe. While Communism is called State Socialism. Often, Social Democracy and State Socialism are confused with each other. Personally, my politics are independent, middle of the road. Power corrupts and Absolute Power corrupts absolutely. I do not think there should be a political litmus test to judge someones religiosity , whether the are Orthodox, Traditional or Liberal.