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Dr Ditchek: People Davening With Minyanim are Cowards – Every One of You. Listen to his emotional plea.

NEW YORK (VINnews) — Dr. Stuart Ditchek, who has been on the front lines of the fight against unsafe practices amid the COVID-19 pandemic, has released a new pertinent message.

In the audio message below, Dr. Ditchek details the horrible destruction he is witnessing firsthand in the hospitals, and pleas with the public to stop davening in secret Minyanim.

He makes a specific point to shame the people who are not taking the matter seriously and are conducting Minyanim with impunity.

In addition, Dr. Ditchek questions the reversal of the leadership of Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood for issuing a complete reversal of the original ruling that was released over Pesach to ban all outdoor “porch” Minyanim. In a phone call held with a prominent Lakewood Rav, Ditchek verified that the reversal to now permit these Minyanim came from the BMG leadership, while the uniform opinion of all other major Lakewood Rabbanim is to still strongly uphold the ban.

Not only that, but of the 3 doctors mentioned in BMG’s reverse ruling, one openly admitted to not having agreed to have his name added. When questioned as to why he didn’t fight to have it removed, or release a counter statement, he only said “It’s complicated.” One speculates as to what can be going on behind the scenes to make this doctor feel so pressured.

Listen to Dr. Ditchek’s Emotional Plea with Klal Yisroel


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