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  1. In response to this podcast: Saying that men should be the spiritual leader in marriage and the woman the practical leader is in contradiction to the concept that women are on a higher spiritual level than men. In fact, Abraham was directed to listen to Sarah because she could see the character of Ishmael over Itzchak. I am not saying that women should make all the decisions, but saying that they are only responsible for the practical is wrong and inconsistent with Torah.
    What is this book he keeps quoting? It sounds very generalized and hurtful towards gender bias with generalizations appropriated to every male or female. Each person is different regardless of their gender.
    The bottom line is men should behave like men, women as women while being compassionate. We all have areas we need to work on. Every spouse should understand they have a responsibility to help their spouse overcome their weakness by being their strength. However, without appreciation, this could get very tiresome.
    I find it interesting that you are looking to figure out who is in charge in a relationship when as “religious” people, you do not acknowledge that God is in charge overall and the only person you can or should control is yourself in marriage or otherwise.

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