Mesorah Moment Volume 1, Issue 2

Mesorah Moment Volume 1, Issue 2 1
Mesorah Moment Volume 1, Issue 2

Year of Momentum

By Bassheva Lazewnik, Mesorah Senior

Excitement fills the air as girls rush to each other, catching up on their summer days and their plans for the upcoming year. They peek into classrooms and marvel at how much closer the desks seem to be after last year’s distanced layout. Smiles are as contagious as the flu now that masks are collecting dust on forgotten shelves. The girls are awaiting the coming year with high hopes for the momentous times ahead.

While the girls were enjoying their time off from school, administrators were working hard to make sure the new year would be even better than the last. Not only because of the lifted COVID restrictions, but because of the new features and additions to the school. Classes, like history and math, that used to rely on SMART boards to enhance lessons now have vibe boards. Vibe boards act as a whiteboard and computer combined into a minimalist look. The new, modern boards help classes become more interactive. Although school has only been in session for a week, the difference the Vibe boards make is easy to see. The vibe boards aren’t the only new technology that the school has implemented with the new year. The computer lab has also been redone. Old and outdated devices have been replaced with high-speed, sophisticated computers. Students and staff can use these to keep breaktimes productive, making every minute count.

The first week of school has only brought a taste of what is to come. Students have enjoyed a preview of the different electives they can choose from. All electives offer educational skills that will be useful to students in the future as they near the end of their high school careers. Quilting, financial literacy, real estate, and art have the girls unable to decide which to choose. Quilting focuses on the art and meaning of quilting while also teaching daily skills like sewing buttons, hems, and even full pieces like skirts. Financial literacy aims to help girls understand finance terms that seem daunting at first, but once dissected, make sense. Real estate explores the entire industry, showing girls how they can manage a family while making an income. Finally, art explores different mediums, teaching the girls creative skills that they can implement in their everyday lives.

A highlight that helps shape and define Mesorah is the student-run committees. So far GO has broken out with its I ♡ Mesorah theme and chessed has already offered the girls opportunities to lend help where it’s needed in the community. Running committees helps bring the school together and offers fun activities that keep the Mesorah achdus going strong. Only the year ahead will be able to show exactly what the different committees have in store for the Mesorah students.

With all this to look forward to, it’s no surprise that the girls are happy to be back, and for the freshmen, happy to join the Mesorah family. Everything that is new, combined with the Mesorah roots is sure to make this year one like never before. This year, IY”H, will to be one of growth and happiness. The positivity that has been buzzing in the atmosphere makes Mesorah feel like home again.

Mesorah Moment Volume 1, Issue 2 2
Top Row (L to R): Racheli Schwed, Chana Wachsman, Racheli Robkin, Shoshana Tropper, Racheli Rodin
Middle Row Left: Mrs. Lauren Goldschmidt speaks to the students during Aseres Yamei Teshuva while they enjoy lunch provided by Madison Title.
Middle Row Right (L to R): Leah Fried, Avigayil Quinn, Goldie Pacht
Bottom Row (L to R): Shevi Lazewnik, Esther Banarer

What Are They Up To?


After graduation in 2010, Ilana (Rosenberg) Levi attended Yavne Teachers Seminary in Cleveland, Ohio, for a year before moving to Baltimore. Ilana became a student at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) earning a Bachelor of Science degree in computer engineering.

Once Ilana graduated, she went to work for the National Security Agency (NSA) for five years as a cryptanalytic computer scientist. She lived in Baltimore that whole time and commuted to work. Ílana married her husband (Yehuda Levi from Monsey) in her last year of college. They have two adorable girls, Chavi who is 4 and Hadassah who is 2.

At the beginning of this school year, Ilana and her family moved back to Dallas and are currently looking for new job opportunities. They are really excited to jump back into this amazing community and find new opportunities for their family to contribute to the growth of the community.


Ariana (Hirschberg) Burk, Class of 2007, attended P’ninim Seminary in Jerusalem after graduating from Mesorah. She stayed in Israel for Shana bet at Chedvas Bais Yaakov. Upon returning to America, Ariana decided to attend school and work in Baltimore where she has lived ever since. Ariana worked as a Medical Office Assistant after earning her BA from Penn Foster University. She married Yitzhak Burk in 2011 and they have four amazing children, Sara Shaindel 9, Nesanel Simcha 7, Yisrael Yehuda 5 and Temima Raizel 1 1/2.

Four years ago, Ariana had the opportunity to attend Cortiva Institute Massage Therapy & Skin Care School, and has been working as a massage therapist in the Orthodox community in Baltimore since completing her degree. Between taking care of her husband and family, and her work, little time is left for other activities. When time does allow, the Burks lend their support to special needs initiatives in their community.

Mesorah Moment Volume 1, Issue 2 3

Uniting the Dallas Orthodox Jewish Community

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Uniting the Dallas Orthodox Jewish Community

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