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Our Own Cease Fire

Our Own Cease Fire 1


The time is ripe for us to grow closer together! The atrocious rocket attacks in Israel created tremendous solidarity among Jews around the world. We felt connected, united and we’re still united! Ironically, our enemy tried to break us, but he only made us stronger

But we mustn’t do anything that would inadvertently further their cause. Grudges, hostility and hatred between Jews weaken us and tear us apart. Lashon hara, insults, dirty looks, bickering, jealousy and being passive aggressive are like spiritual warfare! G-d forbid we should do anything that promotes the agenda of our enemy. Let us dig deep and push ourselves to take strides to smooth out our troubled relationships. If we can’t totally forgive someone who’s hurt us, let’s at least try to be a little more civil. Now is the time to go beyond our comfort zones. To be as kind and generous to our fellow Jews as much as possible. To cut each other some slack, judge more favorably and see the GOOD in one another. Think how much our enemies will despise that! And think how much Hashem wants that! 

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Let’s seize the heightened sense of unity we feel right now. Let’s continue to strengthen our relationships with each and with Hashem! Now’s the time for the entire Jewish people to jump to the next level of harmony and shalom! Each of our positive interactions today and in the immediate future can create little ripples that generate a wave of shalom that spreads from community to community.  

So perhaps as we go through the day, we can ask ourselves, “Are my actions promoting a stronger and more peaceful Jewish community, or not?” And then course correct if necessary. We’re not aiming for perfection, just improvement. So let’s use the gift of momentum we have right now to stay positive, hopeful and energized. We can do this. We’re going to do this!

Have a peaceful and enthusiastic day everybody,


Keep on Building!

Our Own Cease Fire 2

Uniting the Dallas Orthodox Jewish Community

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Uniting the Dallas Orthodox Jewish Community

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