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PARKBUSTER STRIKES AGAIN: Tischler Breaks Locks In Williamsburg Park Following Showdown In Boro Park [VIDEOS]

Boro Park community personality Heshy “ParkBuster” Tischler has struck again – for the second time today. But this time, it has gone viral and gained national eyeballs.

Tischler’s morning began with a showdown with the NYC Parks Department officers who were placed in Boro Park to make sure that the 18th Avenue Park would remain closed. After having some words with the officers, they left – and the park remained open for the hundreds of children to use.

Tischler promised that the parks in Williamsburg would be opened later in the day, and true to his word, he arrived with some folks armed with a bolt-cutter and on camera, cut the locks at the Middleton Playground (Lynch Park) – to the sounds of cheering children. The Parks Department had literally welded the doors closed to prevent children from using the park.

ParkBuster Tischler then went to the “Bedford Playground”, on Bedford Ave. and South 9th Street, and forced the gates open.

Following the Williamsburg stunt, incident, the videos went viral, and gained national attention.

Senator Ted Cruz tweeted “Bravo” in a response to a tweet about the lock-breaking. And on Monday night, GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy tweeted the video and wrote “Total double standard → New York’s mayor appears to be discriminating against Jewish funerals, schools, and playgrounds in enforcing his coronavirus shutdown. If Americans can protest, families should have access to their neighborhood parks.”



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