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Helping Jewish healthcare workers and their colleagues get Kosher food delivered during the Coronavirus.



Kosher19 is a volunteer effort to get kosher food in the hands of healthcare workers on the frontlines fighting COVID19. Your contribution goes directly towards feeding healthcare workers and keeping kosher establishments in business. Help us show our love and appreciation for those keeping us safe and fed during this crisis!

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Starting with a single tweet from our founder, Bethany Mandel, at the end of March 20202, this idea has blossomed into a national effort. What began as a way to pay for a single hospital’s kosher-keeping staffs’ meals has mobilized into volunteers, donors, restaurants, and communities working together across this country to help our heroes in healthcare. What began in under 140 characters has resonated as a strong message around the world.

As of April 21, we have raised over $75,000 (including private donations and partner support) to serve 6,340 frontline healthcare workers 9,306 meals in 178 hospitals units across the country. 

We are here to support our heroes in healthcare. For those of you reading our updates, sharing our social media posts, and/or donating, please continue and get ready to help us expand our effort.

Thank you to the healthcare workers working long shifts, in tough conditions, under physical and emotional stress. We hope that the coming holiday of Passover will bring with it clarity of purpose, unity of community, compassion from our maker, and a speedy end to this plague upon all the land.

One last thing – every day, we here at Team Kosher19 get to see pictures and notes our heroes send back to us after a much needed meal. Here are some of them from around the country in the past few days:

  • “Running from one critical patient to the next – knowing there was kosher food delivered for me – encouraged me to take a few minutes break to recharge before the next critical patient. Was a much needed recharge!”
  • “My husband is an ICU doctor. He’s working coming off a 24-hour shift now to cap off a 9-day run, and was so impressed that Kosher19 fed him and his staff. Thank you for taking care of those taking care of us.”
  • “Last night was a more challenging night in the emergency department, and the food alleviated some of the staff’s stress and hunger. Thank you again. It was truly appreciated!”
  • “My husband and his co-workers are working so hard with positive Covid patients and getting just a minute to decompress with a hot meal means so much to them.”
  • “Thank you so much for the delivery of Pizza. It was unbelievably kind and thoughtful of you – and it was so exciting for the “kosher-keepers” to be able to partake in the meal. During this time, things are difficult for everyone, but it is truly people like you, that make me really appreciate what I do and make each day better.”
  • “I just wanted to thank you for all you guys are doing! I work at a children’s hospital and many of us there are now caring for adults on our converted Covid adult unit. People have been so generous and been sending over meals and food, but it’s usually not kosher … I was SO excited to see the kosher pizza you sent (as were my coworkers) … It really lifted my day and made such a difference. Thank you!!!”
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