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Tap the Brakes . . . Tap into Hashem

Tap the Brakes . . . Tap into Hashem 1

Good Morning Everybody,

In this week’s Torah portion, there’s a short, two-verse section that appears to have brackets around it. Rashi explains that these “brackets” indicate that this passage isn’t in its proper place. It was written there in order to make an interruption between one passage which deals with trouble and another. There are actually back-to-back-to-back “trouble sections”…three times in a row that the Jews aren’t behaving so beautifully. So to break up this unfortunate triple whammy, Hashem wanted a bracketed passage inserted after the first unfavorable episode, like a wedge that stop the flow of the narrative. 

Perhaps we can glean a very simple thought from this… that when we’re experiencing trouble in life… when we’re going through a difficult passage, so to speak, we need to interrupt it. We need to pause and deal with it. If we ignore it and try to sweep it under the rug, all too often it leads to more trouble and things just get worse. To prevent this, it’s important to stop, take a breath, interrupt the flow and course correct. 

Now, what’s really interesting is what it says in that short bracketed passage. It begins, “Koomah Hashem…” which is typically translated as “Arise Hashem…” But Rashi doesn’t translate it that way this time. Citing the words of the Midrash Tanchuma, Rashi translates “Koomah Hashem” as “HALT Hashem.” Moshe is beseeching Hashem, “Halt and wait for us (the Jewish people) and don’t distance Yourself any further.” 

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This fits so nicely with what we’ve been saying! Before we noted that when we’re in the midst of a troubling time in our life, it’s important to pause and deal with it the best we can. But now the Torah is teaching us something more– make sure to include Hashem in the process. After all, when we’ve got something heavy going on, you know how it is– we all too often feel distanced from Hashem, right? But the Torah is urging us to remember that this is precisely the time to call out to Him! “Koomah Hashem! Slow down Hashem, please wait! I need you. I want to feel close to you. You’re too far away from me. Please come back!”

Let’s heed this awesome reminder from the Torah that we never have to “go it” alone. Hashem wants our prayers, and we want to feel His comfort, support and strength. That’s why when the going gets tough, the tough get davening.  

Have a fulfilling day everybody,

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Tap the Brakes . . . Tap into Hashem 2

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