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  1. It concerns me that if a woman is forgetful, and has to light multiples
    1. The costs could be significant
    2. There could be an embarrassment factor – imagine seeing a blazing forest fire of dozens or even a hundred candles (is there no limit?)
    3. It seems this could reduce her chances of getting married. Since this involves a biblical commandment as well as being a major thing, wouldn’t this be blazing problem basically stating, “Warning! Do Not Marry!”
    4. How young are we talking about? 12 year old girl forgets and she’s got to light a forest every week for the rest of her life?
    5. Loshon Hara. Why not have a scarlet letter, “C” (Candles)?
    6. Psychologically, this is supposed to go on for the next 80 years? What other Jewish crime carries that kind of punishment? Maybe adultery or murder? No. Nothing as publicly open as the blazing forest.
    7. Why not let her light the holy number of candles, and then for the shame count, have her turn on a light? Even then, I’m concerned about the psychological impact.
    8. What if she just doesn’t do it? Now we’ve got her lighting candles for the rest of her life and she feels like a cheat. That’s not nice, either.
    9. Couldn’t we offer her something less severe, like tzadaka? Or a fast? Or a beating? (just kidding, but to be honest, I bet some would actually prefer to get it over with.)

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