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Toldos Aharon Rebbe Tells Chasidim: Change To Plastic Glasses Frames

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JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In an attempt to combat modernization creeping into his community, the Admor of Toldos Aharon has recently requested that his chasidim change their glasses to plastic frames. The unusual request was made when chasidim came to see their rebbe during the festival period.

Toldos Aharon chasidim say that this is a surprising and unprecedented step taken by the Admor, who does not generally involve himself in matters of dress and does not make requests on this issue from his chasidim.

However the chasidim have complied with the request and hundreds changed their glasses in order to follow the rebbe’s request. The chasidim report that there is also a special campaign within the community to try and prevent as much as is possible watching video clips sent through e-mail and to abstain as far as possible from using technological devices unnecessarily. Even those who require such means for a living were called on to prevent their children from exposure to modern technology and to install special software to prevent them from seeing video content.

It should be noted that in many chasidic communities plastic glasses are considered the norm, including Gur, Belz and Vizhnitz. The practice  of only wearing such glasses is designed to maintain chasidic dress and to prevent chasidim from being involved in a competition for the most fashionable glasses.



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