Updated Mikvah Israel Protocols

Mikvah Israel of Dallas
Updated Coronavirus Protocols
April 3, 2020

Dear Patrons and Users of our Dallas Mikvah,

Hoping this finds you all in the best of health and spirits,

During this trying time, our Mikvah, like others throughout the county, are constantly reviewing our protocols as knowledge of the disease develops and new recommendations are being provided. Our dedicated staff and volunteers take this threat very seriously and are doing their utmost to ensure your safety, as well as a pleasurable experience, when you visit our facility. I would like to outline the most recently updated protocols for you to have in mind when making your appointment and visit our Mikvah.

  1. Only women who are symptom-free may use the Mikvah. If a woman is symptom-free but has been exposed to someone with the virus or someone under investigation for having the virus, she may not use the Mikvah for 14 days following that exposure. If she has been ordered to be under self-quarantine for any other reason, she may not use the Mikvah until the period of quarantine has passed. The same rules apply for the Mikvah staff and volunteers.
  2. Please do not bring your own towels, robes or slippers to the Mikvah. You will be provided with freshly laundered towels and robes as well as disposable slippers. Please do not bring any unneeded items into the Mikvah facility, such as purses, to limit contamination risk.
  3. All preparations, baths etc., should be completed at home before your appointment at the
    Mikvah. The shower preceding immersion should also be done at home, as no baths or showers will be allowed at the Mikvah during this time, (although the changing rooms will continue to be cleaned and disinfected daily by our cleaning staff). In place of a shower at the Mikvah prior to immersion, the Friday night protocol will be in place all week, meaning that one will wet themselves inside the Mikvah itself prior to immersion. [Please note that, in order not to lose the recitation of the beracha, it is important that during this preparatory partial immersion, one wets the body but does not entirely immerse oneself prior to the mitzvah immersion.]
  4. Social distancing will be implemented during the entire Mikvah process. Although the Mikvah attendant will be wearing fresh gloves for each user, no physical contact will take place and the inspection will be conducted from the safe distance of 6 feet. We also ask that women not congregate socially in any way at the Mikvah.
  5. Bromine levels to conform with CDC recommendations are to be strictly maintained at our
    Mikvah and will be tested multiple times each week. That being said, medical experts have
    assured us and all properly-maintained Mikvaos that there is no danger of contamination from the Mikvah water.
  6. Users are asked to please refrain from touching any unnecessary surfaces. Railings needed to be held on the way down to the Mikvah will be disinfected before the next use.
  7. Any woman needing to make an appointment during the 3-day upcoming Yom Tov will be
    advised as to any unique preparations for this time. At this time, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation and my blessings to our dedicated Mikvah attendants who continue to make themselves available, despite the possible risks, enabling the women of our community to fulfill this crucial mitzvah. At the time of our redemption from Egypt it was in the merit of the nashim tzidkanios, the righteous women of that generation, that we merited our freedom.
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With the help of the Al-mighty, may the merit of today’s nashim tzidkanios who, with their unwavering trust in Hashem and love for His mitzvos, who bring the Shechinah into their homes, (whether presently able to fulfill this mitzvah – or if conditions dictate she is temporarily unable to), that we will be redeemed from this terrible malady we are experiencing and merit to the Geulah Sheleimah, the complete and final redemption speedily in our days!

With blessings for safety and good health,

A wonderful Shabbos Hagadol,

Rabbi Yerachmiel Fried
Rav, Mikvah Israel of Dallas

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