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Wigs Worth $100,000 Stolen From Boro Park Store During Last Days Of Pesach

NEW YORK (VINnews) — Tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise was stolen from three small businesses in 13th Avenue, Boro Park during the last days of Pesach, according to a report by BoroPark24.

Police are investigating the crime spree which took place on Saturday or Sunday. Sheila, the owner of Sheila’s Wigs, a store located on 13th Ave. said that some 15,000 wigs worth more than $100,000 were stolen from her store as well as $2000-3000 of cash from the cash register.

“It’s terrible. I needed the money to pay my rent,” she added.

Sheila said she is not sure exactly when her store was robbed.

“We were in the holiday [the past two days],” she said. “This morning we came right away into the store.

“They took everything here. My whole closet and all these drawers are empty. The police are coming to get fingerprints.”

Sheila, who filed a police report, also reported that the thieves broke into an upstairs dentist’s office, which had a machine and some cash stolen. Additionally, a cash register was stolen from Borough Park Variety Store, which is downstairs from Sheila’s Wigs.

This was not the first time that wig stores have been targeted recently. In March a thief stole four wigs worth $8000 before being apprehended by Boro Park Shomrim and NYPD police.  The Shomrim identified the man from surveillance cameras and alerted police who arrested him on 46th street. The wigs were recovered.

Earlier this year, a thief broke into Zlata Wigs, a high-end shop that sells sheitels to frum Jewish women on Kingston Avenue in Crown Heights.

She entered by breaking the rear door with a hammer and stole some 40 wigs worth tens of thousands of dollars, according to a COLlive report.



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