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A True Story

A friend of mine is a rebbi in a cheder. His family was growing and he was in need of a supplemental income. Things were tight. Things were tense. What to do?

He had seen other orthodox men and women claim to make tremendous money selling on Amazon.com. Was that for him? He had no experience. Didn’t even know where to start?!

He saw an ad for an Amazon Bootcamp. Sounded scary, sounded difficult, and sounded beyond his reach.

He read how people were making $1,000, $2,000, and even $3,000 per week. How? With what? he wondered.

He decided to take the plunge and took the 2-day course by Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce.

In the course they taught him how to identify products that could be BIG sellers, and products to stay away from. How to understand the benefit of “Reviews” and how to use them. How to manufacture, ship, and use Amazon as a fulfillment partner. Best of all, they taught him how to make that supplemental income that he so needed and desired.

End of story. He created the most successful “egg poacher” on Amazon, a new company with other products in the works, and is earning more than he ever could have imagined.

This is an absolutely true story, and it could be you too.

You will kick yourself when you think back to this moment and realize that you could have taken this 2-day course and changed your life. Don’t let this be you. Take this course, earn a great supplemental income, have money in your savings account available for tuition, tzedaka, home repairs, a new car, medical bills, you name it.

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This is the opportunity to change your life for the better!

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About this Event

As economy reels, Amazon Bootcamp gives breadwinners a chance to succeed

The global economy took an unprecedented hit since the outbreak of Covid-19, which placed life-as-we-know-it at a virtual standstill: Record unemployment. Businesses shut. Industries flailing.

Whether you are transitioning, lost your livelihood or are just starting out, do not despair. The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce is hosting a special two day Amazon Bootcamp, where anyone can learn how to start and manage their own successful Amazon business, from A to Z. No previous e-commerce experience is necessary.

This is an opportunity like no other!

As much of the population and brick-and-mortar establishments remain in full or partial lockdown, people are increasingly relying on having both their essentials and indulgences delivered by Amazon. Amazon sales are among the only industries that have not only not taken a hit, but have increased exponentially. And this trend is expected to remain for the long haul.

To date Numerous successful Bootcamp courses were given by the Orthodox Jewish chamber of Commerce throughout the United States and Jerusalem with over 250 successful graduates .

Based on Popular demand The Boot-Camp will be held for its first time in Dallas Texas on TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY February 2 & 3 2021 , and by ZOOM from 10:30 AM to 5pm EST.

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Over the past decade, Amazon entrepreneurs featured prominently at Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce networking events.

The Chamber hosted many Amazon related workshops, as well as a nearly identical Boot-Camp in Jerusalem in February. Countless successful Amazon entrepreneurs in our community have been produced as a result.

The Orthodox Jewish community’s success in the Amazon industry has made international headlines. It is estimated that Orthodox entrepreneurs in NY and NJ comprise 15% or more of Amazon’s third party sellers.

Now is the time for you to join the fray!

Seminar is open to men and women. Slots are limited; RSVP promptly. As a service to the community, the Chamber is offering the course at a subsidized rate.

For more info Email: Esther@Ojchamber.com or call 212-659-5270 x104

To inquire about other times or locations visit WWW.AMAZONBOOTCAMP.ORG

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