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Dallas Community Kollel Exciting Update

Dear Students, Colleagues and Friends,

DATA Decides to Expand

A year ago, DATA embarked upon an expansion project, first and foremost with the goal of strengthening our beis hamedrash – the Dallas Community Kollel branch of DATA. A strong beis hamedrash has been the hallmark of our community since its inception and the bedrock upon which it was built.

Our Kollel and community has had great success over the past three decades and has served as a model for numerous other kollels and communities throughout the US and the world. We want to ensure this success continues and grows.

Kollel Hires a New Rosh Kollel

Dallas Community Kollel Exciting Update 1
Rabbi Tzvi Rosenshein,

After an extensive and thorough search, we are very excited to announce that we have hired a wonderful, additional Rosh Kollel to lead the Community Kollel branch, Rabbi Tzvi and Rebbetzin Miriam Rosenshein. Rabbi Rosenshein is a respected and accomplished Talmid Chacham from Lakewood, New Jersey. Rebbetzin Miriam is a respected business leader in the healthcare sector. Many of you may have met Rabbi Rosenshein over the years with his involvement in the Dallas SEED Program and having visited the community numerous times over the last few months.

The Rosensheins share a tremendous desire to elevate the Kollel and community to the next level. He is already working on hiring the next group of top-notch yungerleit who will focus on strengthening the community as a greater makom Torah. Together the Rosensheins bring much warmth and excitement. We are excited to have them join our team as members of our senior staff.

This expansion will also allow Rabbi Fried and other DATA Rabbis to diversify DATA programming with many anticipated new learning opportunities such as an advanced chaburah for the graduates of the DATA semicha program and other local Rabbonim.

Kollel Rabbi Candidates Coming Over the last few months, Rabbi Rosenshein has invested tremendous efforts to recruit the next group of dedicated Kollel Rabbis to join the Kollel. Rabbi Rosenshein, together with the help of a few community members, has worked to narrow down the candidates. Next week, Sunday, June 28- Monday June 29, Rabbi Rosenshein will be joining 4 of these couples in visiting Dallas to see our community, as well as giving us an opportunity to meet them. Please give a nice warm Texas welcome.

We appreciate everyone who was involved in the recruitment process for Rosh Kollel in giving feedback and encouragement. We look forward to working together for stage 2 of the process of the DATA expansion and to build an even brighter future for our community.

Sincerely and respectfully yours,

Oscar Rosenberg

Rabbi Yerachmiel Fried
Rosh HaKollel

Rabbi Bentzi Epstein

Rabbi Shaya Fox
Expansion Coordinator

For more details about this project and other DATA expansion projects please contact Rabbi Shaya Fox at sfox@dallastorah.org

Dallas Community Kollel Exciting Update 2

Uniting the Dallas Orthodox Jewish Community

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