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Director Of Chareidi Hospital Resigns After Outrage Over His Anti-Charedi Comments

Director Of Chareidi Hospital Resigns After Outrage Over His Anti-Charedi Comments 1

BNEI BRAK (VINnews) — Professor Motty Ravid, the director of the Ma’ayanei Hayeshua hospital in Bnei Brak, resigned Thursday after a furious public outburst broke out over his sharp criticism of the entire Chareidi community.

Ravid, who has served as director of the hospital over the past 15 years, was asked by Kan Reshet Bet whether he was concerned about a renewed outbreak of coronavirus occurring in the wake of Simchas Torah. He answered that he was “not concerned but rather certain” adding that “I’m certain that Simchas Torah will lead to a renewed wave of infections, I don’t know to what level but I’m certain it will happen. This is one of the wildest events in the history of the state of Israel.”

“There has never been to this day an entire community which totally loses control and kills people. I don’t know the connection between religion and what they are doing. They have been educated to take everything and give nothing for many years.”

Ravid continued to attack the Chareidi community, stating that “this is an unprecedented event, this is poor education in a community, the more intelligent rabbis cry out to stop but there’s groups which do not listen.”

Previously Ravid had also made similar controversial statements. Last week he said that “there are rabbis who think they will attain greatness by killing a few more people.”

Chareidi MKs were quick to censure Ravid for his statements. Deputy Transport Minister Uri Maklev (UTJ) said that Ravid is a “person set in his hatred and hypocrisy. For years he lives and makes a living from the community which he so detests, he is directing a place built by Charedim who only wished to give, but he is willing for obvious motives to poison the well he has been drinking from for decades.”

Maklev added that “unfortunately, he knows only too well that most of the chareidi public is stringently careful to maintain the proper care and also contributes heavily to the general public by volunteering in the hospitals themselves. He also knows the importance attached to preserving lives by chareidim. He is a confused individual, why doesn’t he get up and go? If his words ring true, how can he continue to provide service and cure those whom he detests for even one more day?

MK Moshe Arbel (Shas) termed Ravid’s words an “ugly generalization” and said that he had violated his oath as a physician. “Many in the chareidi community maintain the rules and regulations, and look after their parents lives. This is a generalization which should be condemned.”

After other public figures sharply criticized Ravid for his words , he apologized for his words and resigned from his position as director of the hospital.

The hospital responded by stating that “it is unnecessary to stress that what was said was best left unsaid and represents the exact opposite of the hospital’s viewpoint. The hospital was established as a community hospital which provides solutions for the special needs of the Torah-observant community. It is subordinate to a halachic committee led by the Torah leaders and is proud to continue serving all members of the public while maintaining the sanctity of life based on our holy Torah as has been done until this time. The hospital will continue its holy work of saving lives without being drawn into populistic discussions which unfortunately exist at this difficult juncture.”



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