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Guidelines for Purim on Erev Shabbos

Erev Purim 5781
Rabbi Yerachmiel Fried, Rosh Hakollel, Dallas

Many have been inquiring as to the proper way to observe Purim this year, as it falls out on Erev Shabbos.

  1. The proper way to fulfill the mitzvah of the Seudas Purim this year, is to eat it in the morning on Friday.[1]
  2. As long as the Seudah begins before chatzos, halachic midday, which will be 12:40 pm in Dallas this year, it is considered to be eaten in the morning, even if the Seudah extends longer after midday.[2]
  3. Even when the Seudah is eaten at that time, one should be careful not to eat so much that they will not eat the Shabbos meal with desire.
  4. Even those who normally drink on Purim to the point of some level of drunkenness, this year should only drink a bit more wine than usual and take a nap[3], and in that way fulfill the mitzvah properly according to all opinions, and not endanger the proper fulfillment of Shabbos or, chas v’shalom, its desecration.[4]
  5. We must be careful to heed Covid protocols this year for all the mizvos and interactions of Purim.[5]

 May everyone enjoy a kosher and joyous Purim, and may it be one which will lead to the redemption from all of our tzaros and to the coming of Moshiach bv’’a!

[1] Rem’’a 695:2 and Mishna Berurah loc cit # 10. Although the Mishna Berurah uses the word “lechatchila”, Rav Y. S. Elyashiv zt’l said that the minhag is to treat this more strongly than simply “lechatchila”, and thus ruled Rav S. Z. Aurbach zt’’l.  Rav Ezriel Aurbach shlit’’a explained further that to eat later is to enter into a concern of chilul Shabbos.

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[2] Ruling of Rav Y. S. Elyashiv zt’’l

[3] See Mishna Berurah ibid. #5

[4] Ruling of Rav Ezriel Aurbach

[5] Ruling of today’s Torah Sages

Guidelines for Purim on Erev Shabbos 1

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