It Couldn’t Hurt to Try.

It Couldn't Hurt to Try. 1

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Good Morning Everybody,

We all know the phrase, “It couldn’t hurt to try.” It’s a nifty little phrase we often use when trying to encourage someone to do something that we believe would be in his or her best interest. 

I was thinking though, there’s something a little less than ideal about this phrase. The issue is that it implies that if something DOES hurt, you shouldn’t try it! As if things that DON’T hurt are WORTH trying, and things that DO hurt are NOT worth trying.

But we know this isn’t the case. Self-growth pretty much always involves some degree of pain. Moving outside of our comfort zones, by definition, means moving into “uncomfortable zones.” It’s not always pleasant; it gets a bit yucky, a little stressful; we feel a little out of control… But by braving the storm, we become a new person, greater than we were before. 

I think the reason the phrase, “it couldn’t hurt to try” is so popular is because it plays into our natural desire to avoid pain! We like being told that something won’t hurt, right? It’s music to our ears! But taking the path of least resistance results in a life of status quo, and we want a life of status GROW! Pushing thru unchartered territory is so rewarding! Sure, it’s a little scary, but it brings us joy and meaning. We feel totally energized!

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So if the phrase “It couldn’t hurt to try” helps us motivate a friend to do something that’s in their best interest, of course let’s use it. But when someone uses that phrase on us, maybe it can trigger a little thought in our heads that says, “Even if it DOES hurt, if it’s the right thing to do, I’m gonna go for it anyway.” 

After all, fear of pain can stop us in our tracks, but accepting pain puts us on track to becoming truly great. 

May Hashem bless us with courage, confidence and optimism to rise to the challenges that He sends us today.

Have a marvelous day everybody,


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It Couldn't Hurt to Try. 2

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