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UnitedForProtection.com Presents Hatzalah-Thon Live on Lag B’Omer


Support Hatzalah Dallas: unitedforprotection.com/hatzalahdallas

All Hatzalah organizations in North America are about to be showered with recognition, and with timely and significant financial support.

A 24-hour fundraising drive planned for Lag Baomer will end with a concert that will feature Avraham Fried as well as other Jewish music stars.

The event is being billed as a “day of joy and appreciation” for the tireless work and sacrifice of the Hatzalah volunteers.

The lineup continues to grow daily. The most recently updated list includes:

Avraham Fried. Mordechai Shapiro. Benny Friedman. 8th Day Band. Baruch Levine. Eli Marcus. Shulem Lemmer. Chazon Meir Helfgot. Gad Elbaz. Shmueli Ungar. Mitzvah Boulevard. Uncle Moishy. Lipa Schmeltzer. Freilach Orchestra. Shira Choir.

Davidi Crombie is producing the concert.

The “telethon” style event and concert is being organized by Zalmy Cohen, Berel Junik and Shloime Greenwald. The trio of ambitious activists recently completed the United for Protection “Miracle Sefer Torah,” which united over 300,000 Jewish people worldwide for the protection and healing of the Jewish people.

The excess proceeds from that Torah, Hazalah has confirmed, have already been donated to Hatzalah. A second Sefer Torah is underway to accommodate the high demand for letters, and United for Protection has pledged the excess funds of that Torah to Hatzalah as well.

The drive will feature a unique donate page for each local branch of Hatzalah, allowing community members to support their volunteers directly. (A complete list of participating Hatzalahs can be found at the end of this article.)

Abraham Wurzberger, Executive Director Chevra Hatzalah of NYC, released a letter thanking United for Protection for their past contributions, and backing the newest initiative, the 24 hour “Hatzalah-Thon.”

“Hatzalah has unfortunately been receiving unprecedented levels of calls. Hatzalah volunteers have never been so overwhelmed in our history,” he said. “In an unsolicited act of true generosity, United for Protection donated all the excess funds from the sale of letters in the first Miracle Sefer Torah to Chevra Hatzalah.

“Now, United For Protection has approached us, pledging to create a 24-hour drive to further support the sacred work of Hatzalah during these historically difficult times.

“United for Protection is to be applauded for their tireless effort to create unity amongst Am Yisroel and for their steadfast support of Hatzalah.

“We kindly encourage all North American, and worldwide, Jewish communities to unite and embrace this special day of unity on Lag Baomer with your full heart and an open hand.

“We believe that this demonstration of unity will hasten the Geulah and bring an end to our suffering on this auspicious day, Lag B’Omer, as in the times of the Talmidim of Rabbi Akiva,” he said.

Support Hatzalah Dallas: unitedforprotection.com/hatzalahdallas

UnitedForProtection.com Presents Hatzalah-Thon Live on Lag B'Omer 11
UnitedForProtection.com Presents Hatzalah-Thon Live on Lag B'Omer 12
UnitedForProtection.com Presents Hatzalah-Thon Live on Lag B'Omer 13

Support Hatzalah Dallas: unitedforprotection.com/hatzalahdallas



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Chana Steiger
Chana Steiger
1 year ago

what time and day in New York is the Tele Thon on? Also will it be on in Israel what time and day?

What words do you put on in the computer to bring up the concert?

What is the charge?